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Severe Weather Threat for 12/15

Severe Weather Threat for 12/15

As we continue to monitor the threat for severe weather, which is slightly increasing as we get closer, it is important to realize just how many dynamics are in play. I also believe that if this were a storm that was hitting in the Spring vs near Winter, we would be seeing an outbreak of tornadoes. I do think we will see several tornadoes pop up, and here is how I think things will play out.

This is around 4PM Central time tomorrow. I believe a line will setup just west or very near to the Omaha area.
Now a look at around 7pm you will see the line has strengthened quite a bit and will likely be racing off to the NNE at around 70-80 mph.
This is around 8PM, this will definitely need watching in the next 12 hours to see just how much this system evolves.


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