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Geminids Meteor Shower

Geminids Meteor Shower

Do not forget about the Geminid meteor shower! Their peak is thought to only last 2 days, today ( 12-13) and tomorrow. This is usually the most sought after meteor shower even of the year. At its peak, around 2AM, wherever you are, you could see up to 50 meteors an hour. They may be difficult to see this year because the moon will be near 78% lit during this type, hence taking some of the night time light away from the rest of the sky.

Make sure, wherever you are, is far from city light, as this will make your viewing them even more difficult. If you have a smartphone, you can search for a light pollution app, or simply go to a website with this information on it. They are very helpful in finding the best spot to see meteor showers, stars, planets and more.

If you are interested in watching them from NASA’s Meteor Watch social network page, click here.


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